3 of the Most Common Uses for Aluminum Diamond Plate

Diamond plate is a light weight metal made of steel or aluminum alloy with patterns of raised diamond. The diamonds raisings are in a regular pattern. They are made through hot rolling process for the required pattern to be achieved.

They are available in many patterns for example checkered plates. The thickness depends mostly on the purpose if it is aesthetic use for residential or industry use. The thickness ranges from 1’ to 185 inches. The more the friction on the plate reduces the chances of slippery.

The main uses of the diamond plates includes:


Diamond plate is used for commercial purposes in commercial vehicles, ambulances, fire trucks, utility trucks, garage, catwalks, and elevators. The slip resistance make it effective to be used flooring the fire trucks’ exterior stepping and standing. Also for the ambulances and ambulances’ exterior handrails, rear step, side entry step and running boards to prevent any accident while attending to patient .For utility trucks the access platforms and decks are made of diamond plate due to the weight required to be held.

They are preferred on the catwalk for flooring because there is no skidding chance while the models are on the runway.

For elevators they support huge number of people’s flow and luggage as the aluminum alloy used is strong to support the weight and creates a silvery look that is attractive. The garage needs a strong material to hold the different sizes of vehicles as they flow in and out hence diamond plate is the effective material.




Diamond plate is highly used for industrial purposes in stairways, dock flooring, loading ramps and general flooring. The industries handle heavy equipment, subjected to high friction and exposed to chemicals and wet conditions. Hence they require use of aluminum alloy which gives it strength to hold the heavy weight and also cost effective.

The aluminum diamond plate is resistance to corrosion hence subjection to chemicals does not affect it. The slipping accident are reduced due to slip resistance property of the material. It is used in flooring most parts of industries and stairways that handle carts and heavy equipment.

The checkered plates are the most suitable for industrial use as they are highly resistance, are light weight, easy to maintain and water proof. The raised diamonds have a uniform texture making them attractive.

The diamond plates have high drilling and welding abilities and good forming making them very compatible for industrial use. They can be cut to fit the required area without difficult.


The military is the most sensitive sector in the world. Hence extra precaution is always required in every aspect. Hence diamond plate is used for high voltage equipment, areas of chemical exposure and highly trafficked areas.

The switchboard is one of the equipment that requires to be covered by the plate. The material prevents electrical shocks in the area of high voltage to the workers. The pattern is designed to meet the military standards to offer abrasion resistance and traction.

The properties that make diamond plate effective in military are; it is chemical resistance, non-conductive, the thickness is 3/16’’, has dielectric strength of 30,000 volts and high durability.

In summary the diamond plate that is commonly used is that of aluminum alloy. The main uses are in industrial, commercial and military.


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